With combined experience in Insurance and Reinsurance Regulatory Practice dating back to 1987, we guide our clients through the various states, and increasing federal, regulation and oversight. We are experienced in matters involving insurance rules and regulations, mergers, dispositions and acquisitions of insurance companies and assets, insurance agencies, third-party administrators, books of insurance business or other insurance-related assets and liabilities.

We have clients in property and casualty, life and health and senior citizen insurance products and services. We represent clients in various regulatory matters before the states’ insurance departments.

Our Insurance and Reinsurance Regulatory Services include:

  • Managing and handling acquisitions and sales of insurance and insurance related companies, and books of insurance businesses, including all regulatory work relating to these transactions. 
  • Completing redomestications of insurers, including securing necessary certificates of authority in all 50 states. 
  • Providing counsel and guidance in various areas of insurance laws and regulations, self-funded employee benefits law, claims, underwriting, reinsurance, and general corporate law to self-funded employee benefit plans, managing general underwriting firms, insurance companies, third party administrator companies, insurance agents and agencies. 
  • Planning, coordinating, and managing the restructuring of corporate entities within insurance holding company systems. 
  • Monitoring and coordinating statutory compliance with multistate insurance laws, rules, and regulations, including filing, and securing approval of policy forms, rules, and rates. 
  • Developing and guiding clients in incorporating offshore and onshore insurance and reinsurance companies and captives and other alternative risk transfer mechanisms.
  • Advising clients on licensing and authorization of insurance companies on an admitted or surplus line basis, insurance product evaluations and SERFF form/rate/rule filings, financial and market conduct examinations.
  • Advising and licensing of insurance producers, administrators, and other entities.
  • Advising, filing and assisting clients on complying with statutory and regulatory cyber and data security laws and requirements.
  • Advising clients on affiliated and holding company act transactions, including dividend declarations, statutory notices and intercompany transactions.
  • Advising clients on various aspects of reinsurance transactions, such as financial statement credit and statutory accounting issues, use of letters of credit and collateral arrangements, and administrative services arrangements, investment compliance and corporate governance matters.
  • Advising clients facing market conduct and financial examinations and/or subpoenas from state insurance departments.